EV 2017

The 12th edition of the International Conference and Expo Show on ELECTRIC MOBILITY

EV-2017, 5-6 October 2017, Icpe Solar Park, Bucuresti

Come and see EV 2017 as the hub for electric mobility professionals, but also for electric cars enthusiasts. EV 2017 will take place on 5th and 6th of October 2017 at Icpe Solar Park and it will bring together a number of national and international specialists in the e-mobility field who will present scientific papers closely related to electric mobility


Icpe Solar Park is the first professional experimental facility with an outdoor component in the field of renewable energy in Romania. Icpe Solar Park takes over and develops further a tradition of over 40 years in the field of renewable energy sources. Icpe Solar Park contributed to the development of its two extensions: „Staţia de Cercetări Experimentale Energii Regenerabile” (Icpe’s experimental base from Agigea, Constanta county), used for characterizing energy technologies in a marine climate and Angheluş experimental base (Covasna county), used for characterizing energy technologies in a mountain climate. Icpe Solar Park is a complex research laboratory with an additional functional role of a particular importance at the educational level, in the spirit of environmental protection, to promote the use of renewable energy sources and for understanding the concept of "sustainable development", an essential concept for survival of humans on Earth.

Conference and Show

For over 10 years, EV Conference is the biggest symposium on e-mobility in Romania. The conference usually held in October is gathering an important number of national and international specialist in e-mobility field who present scientific papers closely related to electric mobility. Also at the conference an ”Electric vehicle EXPO-SHOW” is holding with the participation of the main EVs dealers in Romania.

EV 2017 continues the mission to educate the public about the use of electric vehicles by launching a drawing competition, which is aimed at children from kindergarten age up to 7 years. Icpe Scientific Society and AVER (Association for the promotion of electric vehicles in Romania) propose a unique contest in which the kindergarten children will show their concept car of the future: the electric car. The awarding ceremony will take place on October 5th, the first day of the conference in 2017 edition.

EV 2017 New Concept

Be a part! Come with your EV or PHEV and you will become part of the show.
Visit the conference and access the free EV parking space for more surprises !

Call for papers

Call for papers
Submit your abstract.

The best articles presented at the conference will be published in the journal
Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques, Série ELECTROTECHNIQUE et Énergétique (ISI) and in the magazine Electrical, Electronics, Automation (EEA) (classified B + CNCSIS and indexed international data: Elsevier Scopus, Compendex, ProQuest, EBSCO, Ulrich's, Index Copernicus International) .

Comments, recommendations, and remarks
Submit your papers to EV 2017 Technical Secretary,

Ms. Mari Pesteri - email: mari.pesteri@icpe.ro


  • 1. Electric Vehicles
  • 1.1. Autonomous Driving
  • 1.2. Systems: propulsion, electronics and drives
  • 1.3. Batteries: Modeling & Safety
  • 1.4. Markets and new technologies
  • 2. Infrastructure for electric mobility
  • 2.1. Smart Grid & Infrastructure & V2G Vehicles
  • 2.2. Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis
  • 2.3. Electrification of transport logistic vehicles
  • 3. Policies and strategies in the field of electric mobility
  • 3.1. EU strategies, EV standards, policy and education
  • 3.2. Romanian policy
  • 3.3. Regional and Global Introduction Scenarios


The EV2017 show consists mainly on exhibition of electric vehicles available in Romania and a number of developers of charging infrastructure, electric bicycles and electric mobility solutions on two wheels.